Welcome To Rediscover Philadelphia

Rediscovering the city of Philadelphia can be quite the exploration, whether you are someone who already lives in the area or if you are finally getting a chance to tour Philadelphia. Even if you have been before, there is so much to see and do in the city of brotherly love, for people of all ages too. Knowing what to expect ahead of time will help you to plan your exploration of Philadelphia in advance.

Philadelphia is home to several different museums. These museums include The Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Academy of Natural Sciences, and the Please Touch Museum. All of these museums offer different exhibits and galleries that are educational and enriching. A visit to any of these museums will surely be an experience for you. Philadelphia is known for being a historical city, full of culture and diversity. You can celebrate the diversity and culture in the city by learning more about it.

What else can you do whilst visiting Philadelphia? You can go on a tour of the Independence National Historical Park. This is an important area and was once a location in which our founding fathers debated and discussed the Declaration of Independence. Independence National Historical Park is also home to the one and only original Liberty Bell, which is such a sight to see, especially because it is a huge part of history. Amongst this historical park, you will also run into Betsy Ross’ House, which has been preserved for the people of the city and the tourists. Aside from the Betsy Ross House, you can take a look at the First Bank of the United States. Make sure to have your camera handy. There is so much history here; you have to capture it on film.

To end your day of rediscovering the city of Philadelphia, you can go on a Duck Boat Tour. The Ride the Ducks tour is fun and exciting for adults and children alike. The Duck Tour will take you on a sightseeing adventure of Washington Square, Independence Hall, South Street, Franklin Court, and more! The Duck Tour also heads out into the Delaware River, giving you an up close and personal view of the Adventure Aquarium and Battleship New Jersey, since Camden, New Jersey is directly across the river. The tour puts fun, excitement, and education altogether for an ultimately memorable ride around the city.

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